Sex with your iPhone or Android Device!

Fifteen years ago it seemed inconceivable that someone would one day be able to watch porn on their phone. Five years ago it may have been hard to believe that someone would invent vibrators that plug into phone and long-distance partners to play. And yet that’s exactly what just about anyone with disposable income and access to Android or Apples stores can have now. Teledildonics: the word just sounds cool. The OhMiBod vibrator was originally produced for the iPod in 2006, designed to vibrate along with the beat of songs. In 2008 it was made available for the iPhone, and[…]

Adult disnyland

Las Vegas Escorts: Have The Time Of Your Life at the Adult Disneyland

Las Vegas escorts are available for your pleasure for s night on the town or in the privacy of your hotel room. You may desire some companionship however, you don’t have to look any further. Las Vegas is equivalent to Disneyland except for adults only. You have the escort you desire for the date and time that meets your needs. You can book more than one lady if needed and you can book in advance that way you get the bombshell beauty of your fantasies. You can hire an escort for many different reasons. These reasons can include that you[…]


Sex Toys: Past, Present and Future

The Past Sex toys have been around for thousands of years. In the past, they were basically unchanged for the majority of that time. Although manufacturers developed better ways to mold, shape and produce them, they all generally relied on the user’s interaction with the toy to provide sexual pleasure and reach orgasm. The most common sex toy and one of the oldest is the dildo. The dildo was shaped to comfortably penetrate the person using it to simulate the feeling of an erect penis. People began creating different variations of the dildo and it eventually inspired other creations such[…]

Google Adult Only

No More Sex Blogs on Google Owned Blogger

Sex blogs took a serious hit this week as Google announced that adult content will be forbidden on the Google owned platform Blogger. Blogger is considered to be the world’s most popular blogging platform. Starting next month, Google engineers will limit enter to its blogging platform to invitation only and all sexually explicit material will disappear. According to Google, who defended its new policy, stated that there will be a few exceptions to the rule. Google also went on to state that no information will actually be deleted, it will simply just be hidden from public view. Many see this[…]


Where Did Erotic Sex Novels Go?

There was a time when erotic sex novels where incredibly abundant. Avid readers of this type of literature did not have any issue finding these books. The readers of today, however, are finding that there is a decrease in these types of books, and people that are passionate about this are wondering what has happened to this literature. There are a lot of factors that play a part in this decline. One thing that has happened is the growth of teen literature. Long before all of the “Twilight” novels there were teens that were sneaking to read the erotic novels[…]